Who we are

Who we are

Our history

The history of the riding club "Il Nostro West" dates back to the early 2000, when a group of people moved by their great passion for horses, they decided to create a club that would allow them to appreciate all the wonders of this fantastic sport, starting from the horses to the walking on characteristic paths, surrounded by nature.

The equestrian Club is headquartered in Mutigliano, in the town of Lucca and is located in the green, with miles of country roads for walking. Features of horses with good temperament, suitable for less experienced riders and those who are new to the horse for the first time.

Our philosophy

The horse is a docile animal, afraid of us, is afraid of the our figure, our scent and our way of walking. When you work with the horses we have to remember all this, we do not ask for confidence from the first moment.

The one with the horse is a relationship that has to be built with kindness, passion and determination.
We must always remember that while we have fun and we enjoy their company, the horse is working, do not forget that it is an animal, with his thoughts, his instincts and passions, we can't reduce it to a simple machine that obeys mechanically to our commands, no matter what happens it is always our fault, never the horse.

We need to make sure to give you peace of mind and confidence in the horse, in this way you will create a beautiful synergy where both of you would be willing to give everything for the other. 


The founders

Franco and Laura are the owners and founders of "Il Nostro West" with their perseverance, they managed to make themselves known and to create a beautiful family. With almost 20 years of experience are ready to welcome you and accompany you in this beautiful location.